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What is an Automated Refinement?

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1) What kind of patients can Realine treat? 8) How will I know whether I will like the outcome of the Realine case or not? 15) What if I need new Vivera Retainers?
2) Why do teeth experience orthodontic relapse? 9) What is improper use of the Realine trays? 16) OK, let's go! How long until I can start my Realine treatment?
3) Using the Realine Clear Aligner System, how much movement can be accomplished? 10) What if you break or lose a Realine Aligner during treatment? 17) OK, we've started! How long until we're done?
4) Are there differences between Realine and Invisalign? 11) What is an Automated Refinement? 18) How many visits to Dr. Meyer's office are needed during Realine treatment?
5) What is required of the patient to develop a Realine treatment plan? 12) What about retainers? 19) How much will insurance chip in towards my Realine treatment?
6) How much time do I have to spend in the chair to get started on my Realine treatment? 13) What is a Vivera Retainer? 20) What about allergic responses to the Realine aligners?
7) How much does Realine treatment cost? 14) How long do I wear the Vivera Retainers?
What is an Automated Refinement?

Answer: This is an option for you to get additional aligners, if need be. If your final result in your mouth is significantly different from the computerized projection, as displayed in your original computerized Realine treatment plan, you may need additional aligner(s) to get your desired result. This is usually done at no extra charge, assuming that you have complied with all the home care instructions. This extra work almost never happens if you have worn your trays properly.

Of course, there will be minor differences between the computerized projection and the results in your mouth, at almost every stage of progress. This is normal.

Bottom line: Dr. Meyer wants you to be happy with your results, and will do everything possible to make you happy with your smile. There are other treatment plan options like cosmetic bonding and porcelain crowns to get your smile just the way you want it. These additional options have additional fees, so let's see how close we can get to your desired results with additional Realine aligners.

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