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Dental Exams

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Dental examinations are an important part of every person's overall health care. Regular dental examinations are important even for patients with good at-home dental hygiene practices. A dentist may be able to identify tooth or gum problems at an early stage, when they are easier to treat. Problems such as tooth decay may not become apparent to the patient until they are significant and actually cause pain.

Prior to a dental examination, Dr. Meyer will review your medical and dental history. This can identify certain medical conditions or lifestyle choices that may affect a person's oral health. You may also want to speak to Dr. Meyer about any fear, anxiety or special concerns you have.

Dental examinations involve a number of components. These may include:

After your examination, we will go over your treatment plan with you. Certain treatments may be recommended, depending on the findings of the examination. Some treatments may be performed by Dr. Meyer, while others may require a visit to a specialist. In some cases, protective measures such as dental sealants may be recommended. Before you leave we will get you scheduled for the proper treatment.

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