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Web Developer Employment

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Website developer wanted.

We are looking for a web developer with a LAMP skillset to develop multiple sites. We need a secure area for user login, user management, and item management. We need user uploaded video and photo management capabilities. CRUD = Create (insert), Read (select), Update, and Delete at the user interface level of the application, and recognize the existence of database transactional changes.

What experience do you have? What do you like doing, and what are you not too keen on doing? Some form of a resume will be requested. Please respond with links to specific examples of your work. Wages and benefits commensurate with experience. Do you have dental needs? An "exchange of services" can be considered.

Please feel free to ask questions by calling the office at (607) 324-1032, or emailing Dr. Meyer at jpmeyer at jpmeyer dot com.

Thanks for your time!
John P. Meyer, DDS and staff

John P. Meyer, DDS
94 Main St. Hornell, NY 14843
(607) 324-1032
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