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How many visits to Dr. Meyer's office are needed during Realine treatment?

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How many visits to Dr. Meyer's office are needed during Realine treatment?

Answer: Most people proceed with treatment something like this.

After your trays are constructed, you receive your first set of trays at visit number one. You'll wear them with great enthusiasm in the beginning! Expect some soreness the first few days, because your teeth are moving. That's perfectly normal. Some people need some Tylenol or Ibuprofen, but most don't.

Anything other than minor, tolerable soreness which gets better over time will require another visit with Dr. Meyer. A sharp spot or pointy edge on the retainer will require a visit for an adjustment. These are unlikely events, but if you have questions, Dr. Meyer has answers!

After two weeks, you'll be done with your first set of trays. You'll return to the office for visit number two. This visit is a pretty quick and easy visit, because you are a pro at this by now! Dr. Meyer and one of his highly qualified Assistants will listen to your experiences with your first Realine trays over the past two weeks. A series of diagnostic questions will be asked (don't worry - not a pop quiz!). From there, most patients go home with tray sets two and three.

Tray two will also likely produce soreness, just like tray one did. This too shall pass. Two weeks after Realine set two, you advance to set three - no office visit needed. Easy!

Office visit number three is almost a repeat of visit number two. After Realine tray set three, or one month since your last visit, you return for office visit number three, to pick up tray sets four and five.

Office visit number four happens one month later. You'll return for your Vivera Retainers at this last visit, with the smile you have always dreamed about! Retainers are critical for your long term success. There's another question/answer section for Vivera Retainers. Read it. Commit to it, or you are wasting your time and money.

So to summarize: it usually takes four visits to Dr. Meyer's office during the active phase of Realine treatment. However, if you have questions or concerns at any time during your treatment, you get on the phone, and we'll get you answers!

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