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How much does Realine treatment cost?

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1) What kind of patients can Realine treat? 8) How will I know whether I will like the outcome of the Realine case or not? 15) What if I need new Vivera Retainers?
2) Why do teeth experience orthodontic relapse? 9) What is improper use of the Realine trays? 16) OK, let's go! How long until I can start my Realine treatment?
3) Using the Realine Clear Aligner System, how much movement can be accomplished? 10) What if you break or lose a Realine Aligner during treatment? 17) OK, we've started! How long until we're done?
4) Are there differences between Realine and Invisalign? 11) What is an Automated Refinement? 18) How many visits to Dr. Meyer's office are needed during Realine treatment?
5) What is required of the patient to develop a Realine treatment plan? 12) What about retainers? 19) How much will insurance chip in towards my Realine treatment?
6) How much time do I have to spend in the chair to get started on my Realine treatment? 13) What is a Vivera Retainer? 20) What about allergic responses to the Realine aligners?
7) How much does Realine treatment cost? 14) How long do I wear the Vivera Retainers?
How much does Realine treatment cost?

Realine costs about one-third of Invisalign. Your particular level of complexity will determine your particular fee. Invisalign fees range from $5,500 to $7,000. Realine fees average around $2,000 but your fee may be higher or lower.

Before you commit to a plan, a preliminary analysis is performed by Dr. Meyer. This is a no charge, no commitment visit to determine if you are a candidate for Realine.

If you are a potential candidate, a more thorough analysis is performed. Impressions of your teeth are obtained, along with photos and X-Rays. This is the Records Acquisition visit, and there is a non-refundable fee of $250 for this visit. (More on that fee in a moment.) Your diagnostic records are then sent to Realine, where your 3-D computerized projections are rendered.

You'll be shown the computerized projections of your treatment plan, you will be given a treatment plan fee quote, and all your questions will be answered. If you don't like the projected results, let Dr. Meyer know what you don't like. Sometimes modifications can be made to the sequence to get the results you want. Based on your input, a new computerized projection will be rendered by Realine, and another consultation visit will occur. If you still don't like the projected results, well then, you are done!

You can change your mind later, and decide to proceed, but only in the first month or so after your consultation visit. After that, your teeth may have moved enough so that it becomes necessary for another Records Acquisition visit, and the non-refundable fee associated with that visit.

Upon your decision to proceed, your Records Acquisition fee is immediately credited towards your total Realine fee. Your work order is sent to Realine. One third of your treatment plan fee is due at the point you accept treatment, on top of the Records Acquisition fee. Discounts are available if you pay your entire fee at the time of treatment plan acceptance. Zero percent interest payment plans are available at Dr. Meyer's office, assuming regular payments are made as treatment progresses.

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