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Dr. Meyer enjoys answering questions about dental care! This page contains dental facts and questions most frequently asked by patients. If you have a dental question, please feel free to submit it here.

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Why are regular dental visits and good home care so very important when undergoing orthodontic treatment?

One common problem with braces (orthodontics) is that the braces provide many more hiding places for the bad bacteria in your mouth. Gum disease (gingivitis) and tooth decay (cavities) occur more frequently. Excellent home care is necessary during orthodontic treatment. More frequent visits with your dental hygienist are also required.

The bands or bonded brackets just make your teeth harder to clean properly! Your brackets, tubes and wires tend to make a little shelf around the outside of your teeth. This shelf makes it harder for your toothbrush to clean the spaces between your gums and the orthodontic attachments.

If you fail to get your teeth and gums clean, your gums will develop gingivitis. Gingivitis is swollen, inflamed gums which bleed easily. That's where the bad bacteria hide and grow. Continued neglect of these areas will result in tooth decay! Regular cleanings with your hygienist, at least every 3 months, is necessary.

Flossing is more important than ever with braces, yet more difficult than ever with all that extra hardware in your mouth! Dr. Meyer and his hygienists will gladly show you how to use a floss threader to get your floss between your teeth. It is also recommended that you have a Fluoride treatment with each dental visit to help re-mineralize any small enamel defects before they turn into cavities. Prevention rules!

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