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Cost for Dentures

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Dr. Meyer enjoys answering questions about dental care! This page contains dental facts and questions most frequently asked by patients. If you have a dental question, please feel free to submit it here.

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Estimate cost for a complete set of dentures?
A new set of dentures sounds like it would be easy to estimate, just like a new set of tires for your car should be easy to estimate. There are lots of variables to consider to get the proper fit in both examples.

Is this the first set of dentures for the patient?

Are there teeth left to extract?

Are the remaining teeth strong enough to hold up a partial denture, and therefore have less expense and better dentistry?

Could the remaining teeth support fixed bridgework, which would be better than complete dentures?

Is the underlying jaw bone strong enough to support the replacement teeth, something determined in part by Xrays?

Is the patient a candidate for implants (replacement roots) which would be lots better than dentures?

These and many other questions go thru my mind as I treatment plan something as drastic and permanent as complete dentures. An accurate estimate includes all these variables and more. It's best for you to address all the variables with your dentist. Remember, there is nothing that any dentist can put in your mouth that's better than your own natural healthy teeth. Does this answer your question? If not, let's try again!

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