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Child's First Visit

Start 'em young, before some "well meaning" relation can infuse dental nightmares into your child's little sponge brains. We are very good with kids. Your child's first visit may be nothing more than a ride in the dental chair. Not exactly an "E-ticket ride" at Disney, but it is a gentle introduction to the wonderful world of dentistry. Also at the first visit, your child gets to meet the guy in the white coat, who may or may not get to count how many teeth your child has. If your child is ready, we can do that initial checkup without any mental trauma.

If the child comes in full of horror stories, the child's life at the dentist has been made unnecessarily difficult. If the child is not ready the first visit, come on back in three months. We don't force the child to do anything for which the child is not ready. If there is already a cavity which needs treatment and the child is not ready for the general dentist, then we can refer to a child specialist.

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